Chef Paris Roldan

My appreciation for world cuisine began at a young age when my family moved from West Chester, PA, to Medellin, Colombia. There I was exposed to a variety of foods and often watched my mother experiment with new and unfamiliar ingredients, which helped shape my lifelong passion for cooking. At age 18, I moved back to Pennsylvania.

 I did my internship under Chef Guillermo Pernot, at !Pasion! Restaurant in Philadelphia, working the ceviche station and learning how to work with exotic ingredients, furthering my interest in Latin fusion. I was developing my own culinary style, fusing Latin, Asian and European cuisines.

 Having the desire to experience the restaurant scene in Miami, Florida, I was taking a position at the renowned restaurant Ortanique on the Mile, expanding further into Caribbean cuisine under Chef Cindy Hutson.

Now, after meeting Chef Francis Pascal and his talented wife, Nui, and realizing how similar our culinary journeys have been, both in philosophy and in craft, I am excited to join them, in this exciting new venture.